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Autism and Girls

Following on from the publication of the NASEN guide 'Flying Under the Radar', the National Forum on ASC in Girls, which includes the AET's Sarah-Jane Critchley and Carol Povey from the NAS, briefed members of the House of Commons and House of Lords about the issues for girls with autism on 8 November. This will be followed by ‘Girls on the Autism Spectrum - the Big Shout' conference hosted by the National Association of Head Teachers on 27 January in London.

Conference chair, Professor Barry Carpenter says: “There is much shared concern among parents, families and a range of professionals about the vulnerability of girls on the autism spectrum. What is emerging is that the presentation of autism in girls is different to the presentation in boys. Yet many of our diagnostic approaches and interventions in education, psychology or therapies have their roots in research conducted with predominantly male populations. Our old adage of ‘one girl to four boys’ on the autism spectrum is undoubtedly wrong.”

Full details of the Big Shout conference here.