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Sing Up with Crackers Maracas

The national singing programme Sing Up has produced a new resource pack, ‘Crackers Maracas’, specifically for children on the autism spectrum as a result of links made through the AET.

The pack, which has been distributed to all SEN schools and autism units in England, includes 17 songs with notation, lyrics and information for each. There are also guidelines for how each song can be best used and what it aims to achieve, as well as extension activities for when the children have learnt a song. The song book is accompanied by two CDs which can be used to learn the songs and as a backing track for singing in class.

Several of the songs have different versions to make them accessible to children with a range of abilities. Key words that can be used as prompts for Makaton, British Sign Language and other signs and symbols used for communication, have also been included.

Qualified teacher and music therapist Clare Hunt has written the songs specifically for children on the autism spectrum, working in partnership with Sutherland House School, Nottingham, to develop the songs and activities.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the Crackers Maracas pack, please send your name and address to