Licence Fees and Application

Licence Fees


AET Training Partners hold an exclusive licence to deliver AET Training in their local authority area. The cost of the licences varies depending on the size of the local authority. As a DfE funded, not-for-profit organisation we can offer highly accessible licence fees whilst providing a sector-leading training programme with a wealth of additional resources and excellent administrative support every step of the way.


As a result, we have a large community of passionate AET Partners who renew their licences year after year and remained committed to the AET even during the pandemic. You can find out more about our current partners and hear what they think about the AET Programme here.


The average cost of an Early Year or Post 16 licence is £2,000 and a School licence £6,000 per annum. To reduce the cost even further we can offer joint licences at a discounted price. For detailed licence charges click here.


Request a call-back and our helpful Programme Managers will organise a one-to-one video call or phone call to explain the details and answer all the questions you might have.





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