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Support Autism Awareness Week – For Parents

Find advice and guidance on homeschooling, transition back to school, exclusions, and read messages of support from our community of parents and professionals in our Lockdown Survey.

The AET Parent Guide

Support Autism - Parents

Offers support and advice for a hugely important moment of your child’s life in education: choosing a new school and for those potentially difficult meetings with the SENCO and the school support team. 

Included you will find the following resources:

  • Working together with your child’s school – an AET autism standards guide for parents and carers.
  • A parents and carers’ guide to finding a school for your child with autism.
  • Children and families act information.
  • AET information for schools.
  • Parent survey summary.
  • PANTS autism for parents.


The Exclusion Service

Read about the Exclusion service offered by the National Autistic Society (NAS). The NAS offers advice and information to parents of children and young people on the autism spectrum on all aspects of school exclusion in England. This includes advice on informal (illegal) exclusions; fixed-period and permanent exclusions; how to challenge your child’s exclusion and what you can do if you are concerned that your child is at risk of exclusion.

Home Education -Guidance and Resources for Parents

Support autism - parents 2

These two resources offer parents advice and support for home educating. The first, Elective Home Education in England: Know Your Rights, discusses the considerations and implications of choosing to home educate. The second, Top Tips, Strategies and Resources for Parents, offers guidance to parents who have made the decision to home educate their child(ren) or find themselves teaching at home during the pandemic. It includes practical tools and top tips.

Back to School and COVID-19 Information Centre

You may also want to take a look at our Back-to-School and Covid-19 Information Centre. Tools for Teachers Covid-19 edition booklet and a wealth of support materials from our partners across England including two detailed case studies with practical planning tools, impact assessment and sensory profiles. 

All of our Covid-19 content is free to access and download. Our popular Tools for Teachers resource normally cost £40 for individuals and £150 for organisations but, in response to the circumstances, we have created a complementary collection of 6 tools that we think you will find most helpful in the current situation.

Learning in Lockdown – the Parent Interviews 

Watch our Parent interviews, in which AET asks two Mum’s about how their lives have been impacted by lockdown and how they intent to move forward.

The Lockdown Survey 

In February 2021, we got in touch with the AET community to ask about their experiences during Lockdown. Discover lessons learnt, how it impacted their daily lives and what tips they would give to someone in their position. 


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