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Transition Back to School

Changes to the daily routine can be very challenging for the majority of autistic children and young people. After several months in lockdown, many students have to deal with the anxiety of returning to school or another educational setting. This poses a range of challenges for the professionals supporting them. We have created a set of resources to help education professionals support autistic children and young people return to educational settings after the Covid-19 lockdown.

These resources include 6 short video presentations that will help all staff working within an education setting contribute to making the transition back to education settings successful for autistic pupils.

The presentations include information for staff who will need to manage the inevitable increase in anxiety that many autistic pupils will experience during this transition.  There is information about reasonable adjustments and practical strategies that can be implemented to support autistic pupils’ through this critical transition period.

To complement each of the PowerPoint presentation videos, there is an accompanying handout.  In the handout for the Team Around the Child you will find in the appendices section, some specific tools to support this transition. Please download and share the videos with your colleagues and your professional network.

For Leaders

Guidance for leaders and SENCOs when making reasonable adjustments for autistic students to transition back to educational settings.

For the Team Around the Child

Practical strategies and ideas to support transition back to school for everyone working with autistic children and young people.

For the Whole Setting

Understand the reasons why autistic students might experience anxiety due to the transition back to school and learn ways to support them.

Covid-19 Information Centre

Information, advice, ideas, practical tools and strategies for education professionals supporting autistic children and young people during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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