The AET Autism Competency Framework

The AET has developed a dedicated autism competency framework for all three phases:
These essential resources set out the knowledge and skills that are required for professionals in educational settings working with pupils on the autism spectrum.
Each framework is presented as a self-evaluation tool that practitioners can use to rate their current practice and understanding against a set of descriptors (knowledge, skills, personal qualities). Feedback should inform practitioners’ professional development plans and content of any future training.
The below bite-sized learning resources will help you to understand why the AET Autism Competency Frameworks are an indispensable tool for all education settings. They will also enable you to start the process of evaluating your and your staff’s knowledge and skills in addressing the needs of children and young people on the autism spectrum.
These competency frameworks have been designed for use across all types of educational settings from mainstream to special and specialist, at all levels of ability. They mirror the categories established by the AET Training Programme. There are interactive links from the competency frameworks to resources that demonstrate how a school or provider might implement practice or policy. The competency frameworks also link to the AET Autism Standards, the SEND Code of Practice and the Ofsted Framework.
Please download the AET Autism Competency Frameworks from the above links.


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The Individual Pupil


Source: AET Autism Competency Framework


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Building Relationships

Source: AET Autism Competency Framework

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