COVID-19 - The Impact on Families with Autistic Children

During summer 2020, Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER), University of Birmingham surveyed parents of autistic children about their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, with particular focus on their experiences with home education.

The five topics include:

  • Autism, Covid-19 lockdown and school support
  • Positives from the Covid-19 lockdown
  • Struggles during lockdown and managing home education
  • Transitioning back to school after lockdown
  • Learning points for teachers post-lockdown

You can also find their factsheet, The Good, the Bad and the Helpful, which summarises their findings. It has been created to support teachers and it has a number of recommendations and resources that teaching staff can use.


Autism, COVID 19 lockdown and school support

Parents discuss receiving the news of school closures and the response and support that followed. They consider the activities and how they were delivered.

Struggles during lockdown and managing home education

What were the stresses and strains that autistic children experienced during lockdown, and how did they affect their families?


Positives from the COVID 19 lockdown

What benefits did parents experience as a family during lockdown, including some of the aspects of home education?

Transitioning back to school after lockdown

When lockdown ended, how did parents and teachers manage the transition back into school?


Learning points for teachers post lockdown

Looking to the future, what advice would parents give to schools and teachers about how they can create better learning environments for children on the autism spectrum?


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