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How can I make friends?

How can I make friends?

Having a special interest will really help you to make friends.

You might find that there is a local society or club, or a volunteering activity that relates to your interest that you could join. You will have similar interests to the other members of the group and will therefore find it easier to make friends with them. [See ‘What are the benefits of joining a club?’ in Travel and Free Time]

You might also find websites with forums that relate to your special interest. It is quick and easy to make friends with people online. Remember though, it is just as quick and easy to break Internet friendships! See [‘How can I use the Internet to socialise?’]

Making real friends can be a slow process, but if you’ve got the starting point of a shared interest, it will not be hard.


The NAS has great advice on how to make friends.

TheSite offer lots of tips on how to make new friends.


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