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How can I use the Internet to socialise? And is it safe?

How can I use the Internet to socialise? And is it safe?

The Internet is a great place to communicate with friends, play games, share photos and have fun. You can chat with friends through instant messaging or in chat rooms, set up your profile on social networking sites such as Facebook, or post questions or comments on online message boards and forums. It can even be a good way to meet new people who share your interests, especially if you are shy about meeting people in person.

It is important to know how to stay safe online too:

  • Do not share information such as your address, phone number or full name on the Internet.
  • Keep your Internet passwords private.
  • Don’t post any photos or videos online that you wouldn’t be happy for your parents or teachers to see.
  • Do not add anyone to your friends list if you do not know them.
  • If you write a blog, do not give away too many details about yourself and remember not to give out personal details such as your phone number or address.
  • If you receive any nasty messages, do not reply but save the messages and tell an adult you trust.
  • Do not arrange to meet someone that you have met online. Some people lie online and may not be who they say they are.


Here are some useful links to help you keep safe online:


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