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Sex. Help!

Sex. Help!

As a young person, it’s absolutely normal for you to be interested in taking your relationship to the next level and becoming sexually active. It is also normal to feel worried or confused about it.

It’s really important not to rush into it – you should only have sex if you feel absolutely ready and you really want to. If you don’t feel ready, just say no! [See ‘How do I know when it’s time to have sex’ in Health & Wellbeing]

When you are ready, it’s important to talk about what contraception you are going to use with your partner. The right form of contraception is different for each relationship and there is lots of choice. [See ‘Contraception explained’ in Health and Wellbeing]

Talk to an expert to find out more about contraception. If you are at school you can see the school nurse for confidential advice, or make a one-to-one appointment with your GP.


For lots of information and advice on sex, visit the following websites:

Brook Centre


For further information about contraception, visit the NHS here.


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