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How do I know if I am gay (homosexual)?

How do I know if I am gay (homosexual)?


There is no absolutely fool-proof way of telling whether or not you are homosexual (gay or lesbian).

Often it is not as definite as that – some people may find that they are, at one time or another, sexually attracted both to people of the opposite sex and to people of the same sex.

As you grow up it is normal to think sexually about both the same sex and the opposite sex. Some people know exactly who they are attracted to, but others may experiment with sexual experiences, including those with members of the same sex, during the years they are exploring their own sexuality.

It is completely normal to spend time working out which sex (boys or girls) we feel most attracted to. Some people can feel really sure about their sexual identity while for other people it can feel more fluid and changeable.

It is important not to worry about it – you will probably find that in time, and with a little more experience, your feelings will become apparent one way or another.


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