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I’m anxious about visiting my GP. Help!

I’m anxious about visiting my GP. Help!

It is quite normal to feel anxious about visiting the doctor. Here are some ideas to help make your trip less stressful:

  • It is helpful to make sure your doctor has as much information as possible about autism before your visit and that the surgery staff are also informed (you could ask your parent or carer to ask about this on your behalf).
  • It may help to get the first or last appointment of the day to avoid waiting for too long and to book a double appointment as extra time may be needed.
  • It may also be worth checking if there is a quiet area where you can wait if you feel unable to sit in a potentially crowded waiting room.

If you don’t want to visit your GP in person, you could call NHS Direct – a completely confidential 24-hour helpline – on 0845 4647.


The NAS provides advice for preparing for a doctor’s appointment.


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