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How should I go about completing my DLA form?

How should I go about completing my DLA form?

Please also see “Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Explained”.

There are lots of things that you can do to make filling in your DLA form easier.

  • Try to keep a diary or a note of the type of problem you experience and when/how often you have the problem.
  • Get your facts ready before you start: doctors’/consultants’ names, addresses, appointment dates, medicines, report dates etc.
  • Do not be afraid to repeat yourself if some of the questions seem to overlap.
  • Think each question through and ask experts to help you complete the form if you need to.
  • Do not complete the form in one sitting – you could spread it over a few weeks so that you do not get stressed.
  • If you complete the paper version of the form, photocopy the final version. If you do it online, ensure you press ‘save’ every few hours/pages, and print off the final version.

REMEMBER… the decision makers are interested in what help you need that others of your age do not need. In this respect, include the things you have problems with – no matter how small you believe them to be!


For full details on DLA and an application form, visit Directgov.

You can also find information on the NAS website.

To find your local Citizens Advice Bureau for advice on completing your DLA application form.


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