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Update: please find below the supplier questions submitted by 16 December and the responses from the AET.

Supplier questions and AET responses 16 December 2020 


The Autism Education Trust (AET) is seeking a partner to help us with planning and delivering a new main website, to replace  https://www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk/.  The new site will support our vision for autistic children to experience a positive education by facilitating our mission to provide professional development services and opportunities for professionals. Our key aims are therefore to:

  • Aim 1: Thought leadership Increase engagement in our new thinking about strategic approaches for education for the whole autistic population, for those who work with, or provide services for, autistic children
  • Aim 2: Partners Increase the range and number of our commercial partners, organisations to whom we provide direct support or who themselves train local professionals utilising our materials, and support our existing partners in the marketing and delivery of their courses
  • Aim 3: Training Increase professionals’ participation in the classroom, blended and online training that we and our partners provide

Organisations interested in providing this development should complete the Request for Information Form, answering all questions.  Alternatively, you may submit your answers using a separate document. Your completed document should be returned to Nora Gardiner nora.gardiner@autismeducationtrust.org.uk by 5 pm on Monday 4 January 2021.


Questions of clarity should be submitted to Jackie Daru jdaru@brookes.ac.uk by 12 noon on 16 December 2020.


The budget for the whole website redevelopment is in the range of £80k-£90k.


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