Home Education: Guidance and Resources for Parents

New for February 2021: Supporting Learning at Home During the COVID 19 Pandemic


These two resources offer parents advice and support for home educating. The first, Elective Home Education in England: Know Your Rights, discusses the considerations and implications of choosing to home educate. The second, Top Tips, Strategies and Resources for Parents, offers guidance to parents who have made the decision to home educate their child(ren) or find themselves teaching at home during the pandemic. It includes practical tools and top tips.

Autism Education Trust - Top Tips for learning from home

Elective Home Education in England: Know Your Rights

Useful information on the impact of Covid-19 on home education, complete with useful links to additional information and relevant legislation.


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Top Tips, Strategies and resources for Parents

The AET has devised a collection of 10 home learning support strategies, complete with work sheets and visuals. This document will support you to improve the home-schooling environment for children and young people during the pandemic

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