Brand New Autism Education Training Course

Meeting the Needs of Autistic Children and Young People

Brand new autism education training module for education professionals outside of the UK.

This interactive training module is aimed at teachers and learning support assistants with no prior training in or experience with autism. It takes approximately 1 hour to complete. Participants will learn about the different aspects of autism, the importance of understanding the needs of the individual, and how to plan and implement reasonable adjustments to aid learning. The module includes videos, case studies and questionnaires to embed learning.

All participants will be able to:

  • approach autism as a difference rather than a disorder or an impairment;
  • understand how valuable it is to listen and to learn from the perspectives of autistic children and young people;
  • understand how areas of difference can affect autistic children and young people;
  • consider what reasonable adjustments you can make to support autistic pupils;
  • understand the importance of getting to know the pupil as an individual;
  • develop a profile for an autistic child or young person which focuses on their strengths as well as areas for development.

The training module was developed by leading British autism education specialists, education professionals, autistic people and parents of autistic children.

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