18 Dec 2018

The AET welcomes new training partners


Thanks to a recent rapid expansion, our training programmes are now available in 62 local authority areas. We are very excited to see a steady interest in our services and welcome our new partners.

11 Dec 2018

Neurodiversity Celebration Week campaign


Meet sixteen year-old Siena Castellon, an award winning autism advocate who considers herself a maths and physics nerd. She is the founder of Quantum Leap Mentoring, a website which aims to raise awareness and offer mentorship to other young autistic people and people with learning differences. She is campaigning for schools to recognise and celebrate the strengths of their pupils with SEN.

06 Dec 2018

CPD accreditation


AET has recently become a member of the CPD Certification Service and is in the process of having all of its 14 training courses assessed to be identified as being ‘CPD Certified’.


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