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Schools autism competency framework

An autism competency framework for people working with pupils from ages 5-16.

Tip – the competency framework are best used when you download the document (not viewed in your browser) and work through the competency framework using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The framework sets out the knowledge and skills that are required for professionals in educational settings working with pupils on the autism spectrum.

The framework is presented as a self-evaluation tool that practitioners can use to rate their current practice and understanding against a set of descriptors (knowledge, skills, personal qualities). Feedback should inform practitioners’ professional development plans and content of any future training.

The development of this framework has been carried out in close collaboration with the development of the AET schools autism standards as well as the AET schools training.

The schools autism competency framework has been developed by the Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER) at the University of Birmingham in collaboration with consultants with expertise in autism. Team members: Dr Kerstin Wittemeyer, Annette English, Dr Glenys Jones, Linda Lyn-Cook, Damian Milton.

These competencies have been revised and updated for the AET by Genium in 2015.
Project manager: Martin Kerem, Core authors: Annette English, Mary Daly and Allie O’Brien. Consultant authors: Pam Simpson, Linda Lyn-Cook and Sarah Hendrickx.


Reference for these competencies: Wittemeyer, K., English, A., Jones, G., Lyn-Cook, L., and Milton, D. (2012/2015). Schools Autism Competency Framework. London: AET. Revised and updated in 2015 by English, A., Daly, M., and O’Brien, A.


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