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The number of AET Training Partner Licence holders has been growing rapidly even during the pandemic.
More and more organisations recognise the urgent need for high-quality autism education training in education settings to support the growing number of children receiving an autism diagnosis, and choose the sector-leader autism education programme to respond to this need.
Each year, the licence holders have priority to renew their licences in their local authority area and most of our training partners seize this opportunity and renew their licences year after year.
If your local authority area’s AET licence is already taken we advise you to consider applying for a licence for a neighbouring local authority, if you have the capacity to deliver training there.
Please find below the list of our current licence holders and testimonials from some of our Training Partners.









Testimonials from our partners



    Dr Carla Stavrou,

    Senior Educational Psychologist for Autism & SLCN, Huntingdon

    SEND Service 0-25, Huntingdon and St Ives District Team

“The AET programme focuses on autism as a difference not a deficit. It puts the child and young person at the heart of the process. It is their voice that is heard through the training. The programme is evidence-based and offers a framework for schools to include in their SEN Information Report.

Evaluations indicate that 98 per cent of those attending strongly agree that the training will have a positive impact on practice and their ability to support children with autism. Demand for the training continues to be high.”

Pamela Simpson, Assistant Team Manager, Communication and Autism Team,

Birmingham County Council


“As a National Teaching School that operates beyond our alliance boundary, we recognised the tremendous potential and seized the opportunity of becoming an AET partner.

The AET frameworks and standards alongside the meticulous training programmes have added real value to our work in supporting schools. To be a partner in delivering and developing a licenced, quality assured, national programme developed by specialists in the field of autism education gives our trainers and all of our stakeholders pride and confidence in the integrity, structure and effectiveness of the support and advice we provide.”

Gary Morrissey, Teaching School Director at The Bridge London


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