Tools for Teachers - Covid 19 Edition

Do you need new ideas, evidence-based strategies and practical tools to help autistic pupils to access the curriculum?

Do you want to effectively support autistic children and young people (ages 0-25) at school or through home-schooling?

Download your FREE copy of the Autism Education Trust (AET) Tools for Teachers Covid-19 Edition now.

This booklet is a collection of 6 teaching tools and practical resources enabling you to support autistic children and young people during the pandemic and beyond.

These 6 teaching tools will help you:

  • Explain social rules using Social Stories
  • Describe how Visual Timetables and Now/Next/Then cards can help with structure and transition
  • Provide help with managing emotions
  • Support sensory sensitivities
  • Teach communication skills with Communication Cards

Each tool contains:

  • A detailed description of the tool itself
  • Guidance on when and how to use it

Most of the tools also contain:

    • Examples from practice
    • Printable templates that you can adapt and use in your practice

Do you need more teaching tools to support autistic children?

Get access to all the 44 tools in the AET Tools for Teachers full resource.

The 6 tools in the AET Tools for Teachers Covid-19 Edition were extracted from the AET Tools for Teachers full resource, a comprehensive collection of 44 teaching tools and practical strategies which enables teachers and education professionals to effectively support autistic children and young people aged 0 – 25.

The AET Tools for Teachers provides the tools, knowledge and confidence to education professionals to support autistic pupils.

All the tools are evidence-based and were developed by leading autism specialists, including university researchers, teachers, autistic people and parents of autistic children.


“As a special school, our families and carers have found the last year very challenging in supporting our students at home. We have used the tools for teachers to help enhance and support our parents to gain skills and understand how to manage behaviour, access learning and regulate emotions.

As we have returned to school, the AET Tools for Teachers have been used to support our outreach schools to support transition back to school and create a foundation and recovery for our students.”

Mehal Shah, Headteacher, Henry Tyndale Special School and College, Farnborough, UK

The AET Tools for Teachers will enable education practitioners to create personalised strategies and resources that will support the pupils they work with to thrive in their setting and gain more independence.

Although not all pupils on the autism spectrum can learn to be independent in every aspect of their daily life, all learning programs should facilitate choice and control, and enable pupils to be as independent as possible.

The AET Tools for Teachers can be used with any autism intervention or programme. The content was commissioned by the Department for Education of Great Britain and developed by the Autism Education Trust, a not-for-profit organisation leading the way in autism education in the UK.

The AET Tools for Teachers is organised 6 key sections:

  • Know the Individual
  • Teaching Social and Communication Skills
  • Teaching Social Rules Explicitly
  • Teaching Emotion Management
  • Structure and Supporting Transitions
  • Supporting Sensory Sensitivities

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