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How can I best spend my free time?

It is really important to schedule time to do the things you enjoy, as well as your homework, study or work.

Try to balance your free time to include a range of activities that you enjoy. Do not take part in any activities that make you feel uncomfortable or scared. You might want to…

  • Spend your free time with friends. Ask them when is convenient and agree a time and date.
  • Join a club, get involved in a weekly social activity, or learn a new hobby or leisure activity. Choose something that already interests you so that you will meet people with similar interests. Clubs and groups will often meet at a set time each week, which will help you manage your schedule.
  • It is important to include some physical exercise in your leisure time to help you stay fit and healthy. [See ‘Why should I keep fit?’ in Health & Wellbeing]
  • Relax by watching TV or a film.
  • Look for something on the Internet.
  • It’s good to vary the way you spend your free time rather that doing too much of one thing.

If you have a diary, put your leisure and social activities into it. You might want to colour code your schedule. You could have one colour for school and/or work and a different colour for hobbies and social activities.


For details of social groups in your area, specifically for people on the autism spectrum, visit the NAS website.

Or search your special interest and location in a search engine such as Google to see opportunities in your area.


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