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How do I use a timetable?

How do I use a timetable?


Being able to read a timetable is an important skill.

Planning a journey

  • Transport timetables usually give arrival and departure times in a table.
  • Times are given in 24-hour clock.
  • Remember that the times given are expected arrival and departure times. Public transport can often be delayed, so the times should be used as an estimated guide only.
  • There are often codes at the bottom of a timetable, which provide further information about the different available routes.
  • Planning a journey where you have to change trains or buses is more complicated. You should make sure you have plenty of time between your arrival and next departure to allow for any delays or unforeseen circumstances.



BBC Skillswise has some really useful fact sheets on timetables and how to plan journeys.

To plan a journey and find out about the public transport in your area, visit Traveline.

Or to plan your train journey, visit National Rail.


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