We are in the media

18 Dec 2018

We are in the media


We always welcome requests for editorial content from media publications and the opportunity to write about autism education. This month you can read our seven page article in School Leadership Today magazine about our positive, person centred and strength-oriented approach. The article is full of practical advice and you can read interviews with two school leaders discussing their experiences with AET’s programme.

School Leadership Today article 

Our news made it into SEN Magazine this month again. A very important recent High Court ruling challenges the current practice of school exclusions and highlights the need for better understanding of autism and wider reaching autism training for education professionals and practitioners. According to the court ruling schools and educational settings will have to do more to support children whose behaviour is the manifestation of their condition. The current practice of excluding pupils with special educational needs for aggression is incompatible with human rights legislation. Aggressive behaviour is not a choice for an autistic child, rather the result of their condition. Educational settings will have to make reasonable adjustments to ensure children and young people get the right support regardless of whether their disability gives rise to challenging behaviour. AET’s training programmes and resources are designed to help all educational settings 0-25 support their autistic pupils, prepare for the consequences of this ruling and meet their wider responsibilities.

We are very pleased to see an article about AET in a Welsh magazine, the Aberyswyh EGO. Our programme is piloted in Wales by Enfys. We are very excited about this opportunity as it shows that our training and resources are needed and used outside of England as well.

Aberyswyth EGO article


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