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How can I balance study and play/hobbies?

Being organised is the key to achieving a good balance between study and play.

  • Get a diary and put all your work deadlines and exam dates into it.
  • Plan how much time you need to spend on each piece of homework and allocate the appropriate time in your diary (ask a friend, parent / carer or teacher to help with this if you need to).
  • Be sure to plan time for your hobbies, meeting friends or any clubs or activities you go to and put those into your diary too.
  • Go somewhere quiet when you are studying, that way you won’t be disturbed and you will study more efficiently.
  • If you have exams coming up, make a revision timetable – you will probably have to spend more time studying in the time before your exams. [See also ‘How can I plan my exam revision?’]
  • If you are having problems organising your work, speak to your teacher.


The NAS offers good advice and information about how to study.

The Mix also has lots of information and advice.

BBC Switch offers useful advice on how to revise for exams.


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