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How can I plan my exam revision?

How can I plan my exam revision?


It is important you start revising in plenty of time for your exams. Here are some top tips to help you:

  • Draw up a revision timetable; check that you have some time to revise for each of your subjects and also some time for yourself.
  • Check that you have all the text books and notes you will need to complete your study.
  • Think about what will work best for you. Will you need to have a break before you start studying or would you prefer to study first and have a break later?
  • Have a short break every hour or so and timetable some time off at weekends.
  • Think about the environment you are going to study in. Some people need absolute silence to study while others prefer to listen to music. Study in the way that best suits you and helps you to focus.
  • Use techniques to help you remember – use mnemonics, acrostics or write a rap or rewrite the lyrics to a favourite song if it helps you to remember key facts.


BBC Student Life, BBC Bitesize and BBC Switch all offer lots of advice and resources for revising:


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