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How do I know what GCSE/college course to choose?

The choices you make about GCSE or college courses will inform your choice of career at a later date, but it is important you choose subjects you are interested in and will enjoy studying.

Don’t worry if you are not entirely sure what you want to do, lots of young people don’t know what they want to do when they leave school.

  • Talk to the Career Development Institute, they are there to help you and have lots of knowledge about different careers and courses.
  • Talk to your subject teachers and careers teacher about what courses they think might be suitable for you – they will advise you based on their knowledge of your interests and ability.
  • Use a Careers quiz to help you choose subjects and courses that might be right for you.
  • Choose subjects that you enjoy and are good at, they may well lead to a career you will enjoy and be good at.
  • Sometimes it is also good to try something new, especially if you have a narrow range of interests. Trying something new might lead you to discover a new interest.


Career Development Institute offers lots of advice about how to choose a course.

Fast Tomato is an interactive careers and education guide for teenagers.


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