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I find it difficult to remain focused at school. Help!

I find it difficult to remain focused at school. Help!

Sometimes it can be hard to concentrate in class, especially if there are lots of distractions. Here are some tips and techniques to help you focus:

  • Think about where you are sitting. It may be less distracting if you are seated away from windows, or seated at the front of the class. Some people find sitting at the back is best. Think about what will work for you and speak to your teacher to ask them if you can try a different seating arrangement to see if it helps your concentration.
  • Being tired, hungry or thirsty can interfere with your ability to concentrate so make sure you get enough sleep, eat a good breakfast and drink water throughout the day.
  • If you feel overloaded, you might need to take a break. It might be useful to have a break card that you can show the teacher at times of stress or anxiety. This can be arranged at the beginning of the year and can be a useful system to have in place.
  • Making notes or mind maps might help you to concentrate and remain focused. If your teacher doesn’t already use visual supports in a lesson, for example whiteboards, you could ask them to provide more visuals as these can aid concentration.

If you just drift off and find you have no idea what the lesson has been about, it might be best to confess to the teacher that you are having trouble concentrating and ask them to go over things for you again. This might need to take place after the scheduled lesson.


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