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I’m being bullied at school – what should I do?

I’m being bullied at school – what should I do?

Bullying is a form of abuse. And it is wrong.

If you think you are being bullied, you must tell an adult you trust such as your teacher, teaching assisitant, or one of your parents or carers, straight away.

There are also some things that you can do to help yourself:

  • Try to stay around groups of people; even if they are not your friends, there is often safety in numbers.
  • Try to make sure you are not alone in places where bullying happens.
  • Walk confidently, even if you are not feeling confident inside.
  • If you are in any danger try to get away, don’t worry about your possessions – they are replaceable, you are not.
  • Be proud of yourself, everyone is different in some way; it is good to be an individual.

REMEMBER… No-one deserves to be bullied – it is not your fault.


Check out our bullying guide for children and young people.

Childline has lots of information and advice about what to do if you think you are being bullied. They also have a free helpline: 0800 1111

There are also lots of other websites that have excellent information and advice:



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