The AET Consultancy Service

Our consultancy expertise and experience are applied flexibly and expertly to support your organisational goals, circumstances and needs.

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Who do we work with?

Organisations that share our belief that autism is a difference, not a deficit.

This includes:

  • National and local governments
  • Education settings (individual or multi)
  • Training providers
  • Organisations that have an education provision
  • Academics and higher education settings
  • International Settings

How do we work?

  • Using evidence-based approaches – Always applied flexibly and expertly to consider your organisational circumstances and needs
  • Outcome-focused – We draw upon our wide skills base, in-house expertise and network of associates, and always take the time to understand your organisation. This ensures we can co-deliver the outcomes you need
  • Collaboratively – Partnership and collaboration has always been at the cornerstone of our work, and this extends to every consultancy project we undertake

What can we offer?

As with all consultancy, the following list is not exhaustive. Our consultancy offer is bespoke to you:

  • Review of current services (visits)
  • Training needs analysis
  • Training resources and/or delivery – standard or bespoke
  • Development of content or resources
  • Support and mentoring for improvement planning or implementation
  • Support to design and implement wider change management programmes (national/local/education settings) 
  • Evaluation of impact
  • Project management

Can we help you?

Select 'AET Consultancy Service' on our Contact Us page and submit an enquiry to find out more.