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A group of primary school pupil run through the playground. They are all smiling and some of them have their mouths open, smiling and shouting.

World Autism Acceptance Week 2024: A Review

We extend a heartfelt thank you to all our educational professionals for their incredible contribution to making World Autism Acceptance Week…

Shop window with a sign that reads: come in, we're open.

Our new online shop is now open for business!

Opening our virtual doors not only improves accessibility but also expands the reach of our valuable resources.

Ten classroom building for SEND with hygiene and sensory rooms designed by TG Escapes

TG Escapes to provide 10 classroom building for SEND/Autism at Beacon Hill

Our commercial associate, TG Escapes, shares their plan to build a 10-classroom space for SEND pupils at Beacon Hill School.

Featured post - photo of Adam Micklethwaite

Autism Education Trust appoints new Chair

We would like to welcome our new Chair, Adam Micklethwaite!

Students in an exam hall. They are all hunched over their individual tables, reading and writing on their exam papers.

Spring 2024: Latest Examinations Guidance

Discover the latest information and useful links to support upcoming exams!

Autistic Young Experts Logo

Become a Member of the Autistic Young Experts!

The Panel are recruiting 7 new members! Find out more about these positions and discover how you can apply...

A graphic reads: 'watch now'. Next to it, a group of primary school children stand in front of a school building, cheering.

Watch now: Meeting the Demand for Good Autism Practice in Education

Did you catch our first online event - Meeting the Demand for Good Autism Practice in Education? Discover the agenda and watch the webinar on…

Four primary school pupils stand next to eachother outside school. They are all holing one hand in the air, some of them are smiling.

Meeting the Demand for Good Autism Practice in Education

Join AET Director, Dr Sarah Broadhurst, as she unveils the AET’s ‘Meeting the Demand’ plan to widen the reach of our support to all…

Laptop screen shows Autism Central Website. The page shown reads: Autism Central for Parents and Carers

A New, Free Autism Support Programme for Families & Carers

A new, FREE autism support programme will help families to learn more about autism and the support available to them.

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