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Young person on tennis court, holing up racket and arms, almost cheering
20 May '22Featured news item

BREAKING NEWS: Continued support from the Department for Education

Working in Partnership

Pupils in exam room in red school uniform. One looking across room at camera, smiling.
11 May '22Featured news item

Latest news from Ofqual: Advice for Students and Exams Officers in Summer 2022

Exams and Qualifications

5 primary children in uniform, walking out of school building
31 Mar '22

Open Consultation: Government SEND Review proposals for England

Good Autism Practice, Working in Partnership

Pupil holding hands on face in exam hall
12 Nov '21

Help the UK Government Make Exams Accessible to all

Exams and Qualifications

Children running in school uniform, smiling
12 Nov '21

How will the NAS School Report Support Autistic Pupils?

Schools, Early Years, Post 16, Good Autism Practice, Leaders and Leadership Groups

Photo of pupil at desk in exam, taken from above their head.
9 Nov '21

Supporting Autistic Pupils with Exams

Exams and Qualifications