Framework Documents

The AET Framework Documents can be used by anyone working alongside autistic pupils to support the development of good autism practice. 

What are the Framework documents and how can you use them?

These resources are embedded into our Professional Development Programmes and are free to download.  They will help you improve the learning and wellbeing of autistic children and young people by supporting you to capture pupil voice, set suitable learning challenges, measure progress and identify areas where you or your setting can make improvements.

You will find a summary of our Framework Documents below.

Child in classroom smiling with chin in hands

The Progression Framework

This is an interactive assessment tool that helps practitioners identify learning priorities, set key learning intentions, and track progress for autistic pupils and young people in both mainstream and specialist educational provisions.

The Autism Competency Framework

Can be used by staff/practitioners as a self-evaluation tool to rate their understanding and knowledge of Good Autism Practice.

The Autism Standards Framework

Can be used by leaders/leadership teams to support the implementation of Good Autism Practice across a whole organisation.

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