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AET Membership is coming soon!

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The Membership will give professionals free access and special discounts on practical tools, webinars and more through our brand-new AET Shop which will be launched soon.

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Coming soon

AET Membership will give professionals free and exclusive access and to special discounts on practical tools, webinars and much more through our new AET Shop (launched soon). 

We’ve spoken to many education professionals in our network, and the feedback is always the same: peer-to-peer learning of practical, lived experience brings so many benefits

Our membership offer will include a safe online community peer learning space where members will help and support each other by sharing day to day practice methods promoting good autism practice in their education settings.

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We have been piloting our approach to peer learning through our AET Facebook Group for teaching assistants and we are about to pilot another one for SENCos.

If you are a teaching assistant or SENCo and you want to take part in these pilot projects, sign up below!

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