Positives of Being Autistic | Autistic Voices | Alice

09 Feb 23
Alice, member of the Autistic Young Experts Panel, sitting alone, smiling at the camera.

Positives of Being Autistic | Autistic Voices | Alice

Autistic Young Expert, Alice, talks about the positives of being autistic, and her love of Lego!

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For me, a positive of being autistic is that I see the world from a different and unique perspective and I pick up on things.

Also, people tell me I've got quite a unique sense of humour and that's one of the things that people like about me!

Another positive for me of being autistic is having specialist interests that you're really good or knowledgeable about.

One of my specialist interests is Lego.

Growing up, and now, this has really helped me because Lego has been a constant thing in my life.

Having a special interest in Lego really helps me in new social situations when I feel anxious as I know exactly what I can talk about an people find it interesting because of my passionate interest.

People might ask me “how's the Lego going?” and it builds that conversation. Also, my interest in Lego has helped me make friends.

If I come across someone else who has an interest in Lego, we can talk about the sets we are building and it's opened a lot of things to me.

I get a lot of happiness out of it displaying, collecting, and building Lego.

I think Lego will always be a big part of my life.


Thank you for sharing, Alice!

You can hear more from Alice very soon, as our Autistic Young Experts Panel prepares to launch their BRAND NEW YouTube Channel to mark this year’s World Autism Acceptance Week 27 March – 02 April.

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