Positives of Being Autistic | Autistic Voices | Jessica

22 Feb 23
Jessica, member of the Autistic Young Experts Panel

Positives of Being Autistic | Autistic Voices | Jessica

Autistic Young Expert, Jessica, shares her perspective on why being autistic makes her so determined to succeed.

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One of the positives of autism in my opinion is that I am a very, very loyal friend.

I have less ‘bias’ towards others and whether someone is my friend or not.

If a friendly acquaintance asked me for help with something, I'm really happy to help them out and I will actually go above and beyond to help them.

From my perspective, someone who is not autistic might be reluctant to help someone who is not a friend or in their social group.

I feel that being autistic means I have less bias towards people and a more helpful and generally a positive attitude towards helping others.

Another positive about being autistic is being incredibly motivated to achieve my full potential.

I'm determined to achieve my different goals.

Some autistic people may not get the right opportunities to try and help them achieve. It's really, really important to support autistic people to achieve their full potential.

I'm determined not to let discouraging comments on my anxiety get in the way of achieving my personal best, for example.

Another positive about autism is that I feel that I am less likely to conform to social pressures and social norms.

This could obviously have its positives and negatives, but I think there are more positives. 

I'm not afraid to be myself and to voice what I think.

I think that is a definite positive!

Thank you for sharing, Jessica

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