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TG Escapes net-zero timber frame buildings designed with natural materials provide excellent SEN learning spaces.
TG Escapes modular eco-buildings use modern methods of construction, traditional materials and sophisticated technology, to create standalone timber frame spaces that are net-zero in operation. 

The use of biophilic design principles, natural materials, easy access to the outdoors and natural light from floor to ceiling glass doors and windows as well as sun pipes, make the buildings particularly well suited to special needs settings

The bespoke designs can be tailored to your exact needs and are used for classrooms, breakout spaces, sensory rooms and more.

The heightened senses of autistic children and young people can make it challenging for them to focus in traditional educational settings. Natural materials can help to create a more calming and stimulating environment, which can lead to improved learning outcomes.

In addition to reducing sensory overload, studies have shown that natural materials can also help to improve focus and concentration in autistic children. For example, one study found that autistic children who were exposed to natural light were able to pay attention for longer periods of time than those who were not.

Natural materials can also help to promote creativity and imagination. Autistic children often have vivid imaginations, and natural materials can provide a stimulating environment for them to explore. Studies have shown that autistic children who were given access to natural materials were more likely to engage in imaginative play than children who were not.

In 2014 Dr Madga Mostafa headed up the ASPECTSS research piece which looked at architecture and autism. ASPECTSS stands for – Acoustics, Spatial Sequencing, Escape Space, Compartmentalisation, Transitions, Sensory Zoning and Safety. This research was the first of its kind in the world to describe a formula of design elements and was prepared for children with special educational needs and received the UNESCO/ Emir of Kuwait award.

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TG Escapes have provided over 800 buildings UK wide and have won several awards for the amazing work that they do.

Here's what their customers say
The Shires at Oakham, part of the Acorn Care Group, is a residential special school for young people with a diagnosis of Autism. Head of School Helen Jeffries said of their TG Escapes Eco Building; 

“We wanted to embrace learning without walls and the design of our new school building opens up our classrooms to the outdoors so wonderfully, the opportunities are endless!”

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Watch The Shires Oakham SEN eco building by TG Escapes on YouTube.
Swalcliffe Park Day and Residential School for boys with autism wanted to develop their students’ talents in the expressive arts of music, dance and drama. Kiran Hingorani, CEO, Swalcliffe Park School says;

“The building itself fits really well into its natural surroundings and, in its own unique way, looks as stunning as the main school building, a beautiful Victorian manor house. The boys love having their own dedicated space to enjoy their activities and make as much noise as they want!”

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Watch Performing Arts Studio for boys with autism at Swalcliffe Park School by TG Escapes on YouTube.
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