CPD accreditation

06 Dec 18

CPD accreditation

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You might have noticed the CPD Certification Service logo on our website and marketing communications recently. This reflects our commitment to ensuring the programme is of high quality and adds maximum value to those who access it.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) is an important element of improving education and practitioners are expected to actively pursue CPD. This is expressed in the teachers standards state that’ teachers should take responsibility for improving teaching through appropriate professional development, responding to advice and feedback from colleagues’.

All involved in the AET programme have known just what high quality training we collectively provide to education practitioners and the value this adds to their professional development and to their practice.

Nonetheless, as expectations rise and resources become ever tighter, it becomes important that CPD opportunities such as AET training are ‘CPD Certified’ – that is that they are independently validated as being of a high quality and that recipients of the training can log CPD ‘points’ or ‘hours’ (of active learning) in their CPD portfolio.

In response to this need, AET has recently become a member of the CPD Certification Service and is pursuing a process of having all of its 14 training courses assessed to be identified as being ‘CPD Certified’.

The process involves experienced CPD assessors considering: course structure, presenter instructions, presentations and presenter notes,  delegate feedback processes and delegate evaluation (if offered).

We are pleased to say that our six school phase courses have been positively assessed and anticipate that all others will do so over the next few weeks.

Once all courses are certified we will formally launch this in the spring of 2019.