Immie's Signs to Spot Autism

14 Jun 22
Video title: Immie's Signs to Sport Autism with National Autistic Society, Good Morning Britain and Auti8sm Education Trust Logo

Immie's Signs to Spot Autism

If you are an education professional, you can sign up to access the video here:

It all started on Good Morning Britain...

Good Morning Britain shared a video clip for education professionals: Immie's Signs to Spot Autism and we are very proud to have been a part of the project.

In the video, Immie discusses her diagnosis and experience in education, revealing that she went to 5 different schools. The segment covers ‘masking’ and how education professionals might go about spotting ‘undiagnosed’ autistic children.

"Teachers are really important, and I’ve met some amazing ones. These people were kind and understanding. At the time, they didn’t know I had autism, and neither did I, but they were able to see that I just needed a little bit of help, and I am especially thankful to these teachers."

We are very proud of Immie for sharing her experiences on the show to help to raise awareness of autism nationally, and we’re pleased to say that the video will be included in our training programme.

The Autism Education Trust (AET) offers the only DfE-supported, CPD-accredited autism training that is co-produced with autistic people like Immie, and we will continue to champion the voices of autistic young people in the work we do.

Since 2016, the AET has been supported by a panel of Autistic Young Experts. The experts, aged 16 to 25, add their voice and life experience to AET projects and input on strategy.

Sarah Broadhurst, director of the Autism Education Trust shared her thoughts on the project:

"We congratulate Immie for her hard work and dedication in creating this video. This very personal and relatable account of her experiences highlights the challenges autistic children often experience in education settings. We are really pleased to having been part of this project and look forward to including the video in our autism education training modules. We believe that the voice of autistic young people should be at the heart of professional development for education professionals, and feel that Immie's video, along with the voices of other autistic young people, bring the materials of our training modules to life.”

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