LBC Exclusions module (all ages) 29.11.22

Early Years
Exclusions Module
29 November, 2022
02:00:PM - 04:00:PM

218 Crowndale Road
United Kingdom

Venue telephone number
Local authority location of training
  • Camden

Who is this module for? 

For practitioners in early years or school settings.

This module on exclusion and autism will provide delegates with an idea as to what the key causes are of autistic children and young people being excluded from school, and how staff can prevent exclusion occurring or, when it does occur, provide support for the CYP’s successful return or transition on to their next placement.  

Much of what is presented in this module is based on a research study conducted by the University of Birmingham’s Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER). The report from this study is available for all delegates as their main reference.  

The aims

The aim of this module is to enable delegates to:

  • Understand the legal context of autism and exclusion
  • Understand the risk of illegal exclusion and how to avoid it occurring
  • Better understand the triggers and ways of managing distressed behaviours

Learning objectives

After completing this module delegates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate better knowledge of what is expected of settings in terms of the rights of CYP and families in relation to exclusion
  • See the exclusion experience through the eyes of the autistic CYP
  • Consider how they can make reasonable adjustments to reduce the risk of exclusion occurring
  • Understand how exclusion can significantly negatively impact an autistic child and young person’s experiences and outcomes
  • Recognise how the whole setting has a role to play in helping autistic pupils avoid exclusion

Exclusions module. 

Open to staff across all maintained and independent settings in LBC. 

Small fee (£25) for delegates from independent settings, to be paid ahead of the training date.