LBC Schools Good Autism Practice 23.11.22

Schools Good Autism Practice
23 November, 2022
01:00:PM - 04:00:PM

218 Crowndale Road
United Kingdom

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Local authority location of training
  • Camden

Who is this module for? 

This module is for practitioners who work with autistic pupils (5–16). It provides practitioners with practical strategies when working with autistic pupils. The module also takes participants through guidance on developing a pupil-centred education plan (PCEP) for an autistic pupil. Although only students with SEN are currently required to have a PCEP, the vision is that if, in the long term, inclusive practice is embedded in school provision, fewer pupils will require something additional to that which forms part of universal provision. Although not all staff who work with an autistic pupil will be involved in the creation of a pupil-centred education plan, all staff will benefit from being aware of the content of the PCEP.

The aims

The aims of ‘Good autism practice in Schools’ are to support practitioners who work directly with autistic pupils to: 

  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of good autism practice. 
  • Reflect on and improve their practice in working with autistic pupils. 
  • Understand strategies and approaches they can draw upon for autistic pupils they work with. 
  • Reflect on the kind of information they need to collect for the one-page profile and for the pupil-centred education plan.  
  • Consider how to involve the autistic pupil and their family in the pupil’s education.  
  • Enhance and embed inclusive practice for autistic pupils. 

Learning objectives

After completing ‘Good autism practice in Schools’, participants will be able to:

  • Develop their knowledge of how the key areas of difference can impact on the learning of autistic pupils.
  • Understand the importance of involving the pupil and family in the pupil’s education.
  • Consider the approaches, strategies, and adaptations they can implement to remove barriers to participation and learning for autistic pupils.
  • Reflect on how knowledge about autism and the individual autistic pupil can inform the one-page profile and the pupil-centred education plan.

Schools Good Autism Practice 

Open to staff from maintained and independent school settings across LBC

Small fee (£50) for delegates from independent settings, to be paid ahead of the training date