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Teacher with kids on the floor
15 Jun '22

Coproduction at its heart: working with parents in Bournemouth

We asked Kate Tuck, Director at Linwood Training, Support & Advice, about her experience with the Autism Education Trust Co-Delivery Model. The format of co-delivery is adaptable. It can be delivered and received by professionals, parents and autistic people themselves - planning together, delivering together. Find out how Kate Tuck and her team chose to co-deliver the Autism Education Trust.

Parents, Working in Partnership

Child in school uniform, smiling at camera through school railings
23 Mar '22

Everything you need to celebrate Autism Acceptance Month

Today marks the beginning of Autism Acceptance Month and we’re here to help all education professionals feel confident to lead conversations about autism.

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Post 16 pupil sitting at desk, smiling
23 Mar '22

Introducing the new Post-16 Professional Development Programme

It’s arrived! We are happy to announce the launch of our updated Post-16 Professional Development Programme.

Post 16, Good Autism Practice, Working in Partnership

Young person being interviewed. Sitting on a chair in front of the camera, hands in lap.
10 Mar '22

Meeting the Autism Education Trust Community - Springhallow

Meet the articulate and passionate learners and teachers who contributed to the AET's Post 16 Training Videos as part of the Post 16 Professional Development Programme.

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Ambitious Youth Network Graphic. Two cartoon people reaching out of their own bubble on a map-like structure.
10 Mar '22

Introducing the Ambitious Youth Network: A Platform for Young People

We asked Abigail Odell, Digital Participation Officer, about the new platform for young autistic people: The Ambitious Youth Network. Ambitious About Autism has released an online community that welcomes 16-25-year-old autistic people across the nation to gain experience, skills and friends in a safe and fun environment.

Working in Partnership, Building relationships

Young professional smiling and holding up work pass
30 Dec '21

Improving professional opportunities for autistic people in the UK - Jobcentre plus

In October 2021, Jobcentre Plus offices introduced a pilot scheme across the UK which promised to improve the job chances of thousands of autistic people.

Post 16, Transition

Photo of colourful post-its in shape of speech bubbles
30 Dec '21

Help Define Best Practice for Schools Working with Families

ACER, Autism Centre for Education and Research, from the University of Birmingham, is working with the Autism Education Trust to discover the challenges which are faced by certain groups of families who have autistic children.

Parents, The evidence, Working in Partnership

Autism Education Trust Logo printed on poster puzzle. Hand pushing the pieces together
22 Dec '21

2021 at the Autism Education Trust

It's been an eventful year for us all. Discover how the AET responded to coronavirus and the changes which have impacted autism education across the nation and beyond.

Early Years, Schools, Post 16, Parents, Inclusion, Coronavirus, Working in Partnership, Building relationships

Two pupils in classroom, working together at desk, looking at paper on table.
24 Nov '21

Why did NAS create the Autism Accreditation Inclusion Award?

We asked Christine Flintoft-Smith, Head of Autism Accreditation at The National Autistic Society, to tell us more about the project. Why has this award been created? And how does the AET support the accreditation scheme?

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