A New, Free Autism Support Programme for Families & Carers

04 Oct 23
Laptop screen shows Autism Central Website. The page shown reads: Autism Central for Parents and Carers

A New, Free Autism Support Programme for Families & Carers

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As experts in autism education, we were delighted to have been chosen to work alongside NHS England and other autism partners to help create this new, FREE autism support programme for families and carers in England

Lisa Myers, Programme Director of Autism Central, said: 

“Autism Central is helping families to learn more about autism and the support available to them

There is a wide range of curated and new material along with signposting to learning resources.

This wrap-around learning benefits from the experiences of autistic people and their families - and prepares other families and carers to advocate to get the best from the services they encounter.”   

Autism Central aims to build knowledge and understanding of autism and empower families and carers to advocate for autistic people they support to get the right understanding and adjustments in place across the services they use.

Commissioned by NHS England and informed by or co-produced with autistic people, parents and carers, the programme offers one-to-one and group sessions complemented by high-quality online learning and information. 

Want to get involved?

The programme is looking for more parents and carers of autistic people to become peer educators and help others. 

To find out more, contact your local hub at www.autismcentral.org.uk/find-help

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