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Progression Framework Resource

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The Progression Framework is intended to assist practitioners in identifying areas where autistic pupils may require additional support, so that specific programmes can be planned and implemented. It can also provide evidence of the effectiveness of such support. It is recommended that, where possible, discussions about learning needs, interventions and progress involve the pupil, their parents or carers and all those who work with them. 

Use of the Progression Framework is intended to be flexible. It can be used:

  • as a reference document to support existing systems e.g. Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)
  • within or alongside other progress measures or tools (e.g. online progress tracking software)
  • as an interactive tool within the EXCEL spreadsheet format
  • adapted to individual needs 

You can also access the Accompanying Documents to find: 

  • An introduction to the Framework
  • Instructions for using the Framework
  • An Individual Learning Plan
  • A Progression Framework Overview

Download the Accompanying Documents for the Progression Framework

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