Leadership, Inclusion and Structural Reasonable Adjustments

Leadership, Inclusion and Structural Reasonable Adjustments

Who is this module for?

The Leadership, Inclusion and Structural, Reasonable Adjustments Module is part of the Suite of Resources for Leaders has been compiled for leaders and leadership teams within education settings to embed culture change across their provision and support them on their journey to become an outstanding and inclusive setting.

The resources will support leaders to fully embed the Eight principles of good autism practice as outlined in the Good Autism Practice Report.

This module will help leaders to understand what is needed to fully embed an inclusive culture. It looks at education legislation and guidance surrounding inclusion, the steps required to lead culture change and the importance of considering structural reasonable adjustments and AET resources to support leaders with this.

The aims

To enable you to:

  • Look at how inclusive provision and structural reasonable adjustments can help a setting to be outstanding.​
  • Consider what is needed to lead culture change in a setting.​
  • Know about AET resources and guidance that can support leaders to provide inclusive environments through structural reasonable adjustments.​
  • Consider different ways of making structural and reasonable adjustments to ensure autistic children and young people are fully supported.

Learning objectives

After completing this module you will:

  • Be able to develop a culture where autistic children and young people ​feel listened to, supported and included.​
  • Have the skills, tools and confidence to lead change in your setting.​
  • Have a good understanding of educational legislation related to inclusion.​
  • Be able to reflect on and plan next steps for what is required ​
  • Be able to lead change and fully embed an inclusive culture. ​
  • Understand how to embed the Autism Standards Framework to improve good autism practice.​
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