Post-16 Competency Framework

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Post-16 Competency Framework

Individual staff development
Post-16 Competency Framework

The AET Post-16 Competency Framework can be used by staff in post-16 settings, from mainstream to specialist, as an ongoing self-reflection tool to help them:

  • Capture the voice of the autistic learner
  • Self-assess their skills and competencies
  • Decide which aspects of their practice require further development
  • Identify priority areas to work on
  • Consider their professional development needs
  • Seek appropriate professional development

The Post-16 Competency Framework supports staff to meet special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) policy and legal requirements and equality duties whilst complying with the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (2021) and the Education and Training Foundation Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers in Further Education (FE) (2014)

Additional Resources for the Post-16 Competency Framework

We have linked each Competency to a number of resources that will help you to meet that Competency. Please note these are to help you get started and there are many other ways to show you have implemented the Competency.

Additional Resources

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Next Steps Action Plan

Download our Action Plan which is split into the themes from the Framework.

Set your priorities, determine next steps and set a time scale for moving forward.