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All children with autism are different. Our tools and resources – developed in collaboration with parents, practitioners and consultants with expertise in autism – are designed to explore and build on these differences to support every single child with autism to reach their full potential. Although our training materials and most of our resources are aimed at teaching professionals, you, as a parent, can help your child by recommending AET training to your child’s teachers and SENCO.

We have five sets of resources for parents. The first two provide advice and support at two hugely important moments of your child’s life in education: choosing a new school, and those potentially difficult meetings with the SENCO and the school support team. The third set of resources gives advice on being excluded from school, or dealing with the risk of exclusion. Finally, our Examination Guidance – the first of which aims to support examination boards with inclusivity and the second helps teachers and exam officers support autistic pupils taking exams.

Finding a school for your child with autism gives ideas on questions you might want to ask when choosing a school for your child.

Working together with your child’s school helps you to work with school staff to identify and meet the needs of your child. Remember, your child is unique and so are their strengths and challenges. Some autism strategies suit some children but might not work for others. Use this form to help school staff get to know your child as an individual and map up the school’s provisions so you can work out a strategy tailored to your child’s needs.

Exclusions offers advice and information to parents of children and young people on the autism spectrum on all aspects of school exclusion in England.

AET Guidance & Recommendations for Examination Boards aims to support Examination Boards to meet their requirement to provide an inclusive design within exam papers whilst raising key issues in relation to the complexity of enabling fair access whilst retaining the integrity of the questioning. It lists subject specific difficulties and offers guidance and recommendations for improvement.

AET Exam Accommodations Guidance for Teachers (GCSE) helps teachers and examination officers plan for and support autistic pupils when taking public examinations in England and Wales.


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