The Autism Accreditation Inclusion Award

Certify your good autism practice with the Autism Inclusion Award. Created in partnership with the National Autistic Society.

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We are working in partnership with The National Autistic Society to validate your high-quality, inclusive support for autistic children and young people. 

The award is based on The Autism Education Trust Frameworks for Good Autism Practice, and achieving it allows you to demonstrate the outcomes you achieve for autistic children and young people in your local community.

How do you achieve the Autism Accreditation Inclusion Award?

In order to achieve the Autism Accreditation Inclusion Award, your setting will need to:

  • Complete the Autism Education Trust Standards Framework for the education phase or phases which you work with:
  • Complete the Autism Education Trust Competencies Framework for the education phase or phases which you work with:
  • Register for the NAS Autism Accreditation Team
  • Consider your application and the evidence you have collected (using our Standards Framework) against an agreed criteria.

You will then receive an award for your agreed outcomes take part in an advisable re-assessment every 3 years.

What is considered in the assessment?

The key areas of practice that will be considered in your assessment are based around reasonable adjustments and autism considerations made in the following areas:

  • Staff knowledge
  • Environment
  • Personalised support strategies
  • Teaching and learning strategies

What does the assessment involve?

There is no deadline for submitting your application.

The assessment takes place over 1 day virtually. Each application and assessment consists of: 

  • Submission of application form
  • Up to 3 case studies which demonstrate your support of autistic children and young people
  • A discussion with up to 5 stakeholders of your choosing
  • A proven consideration of supporting documents
  • Feedback from an anonymous questionnaire which you send to families and carers/ autistic people (over 16s). This is sent prior to your assessment date.

Why should you get the Autism Accreditation Inclusion Award?

If you successfully complete your application, you will receive a letter from the Accreditation Committee confirming that you have achieved the award. 

You will also receive a certificate and you can start using the award mark on your website, email signature and printed materials right away.

Case Studies

Discover Case Studies from organisations who have completed the Autism Accreditation Inclusion Award.

Holy Trinity

The very first winners of our Autism Inclusion Award! Holy Trinity is based in Hertfordshire, and provides support to children of all academic abilities.

Arlesdene Nursery and Pre-school

Arlesdene is a Hertfordshire-based school, providing support to children of all abilities.  

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