24 Sep 2020

How to Increase Autism Awareness Amongst Diverse Ethnic Communities

Our last post about the unique challenges of families of autistic children and young people from Black, Asian and Minority Background proved very popular. In this blog post, we continue to talk about this very important topic from a different angle. Our guest blogger, Catherine Mohan from Birmingham County Council Autism Communication and Autism Team, shares her experience about the exemplary work her team is doing raising awareness of autism in ethnic communities. Please share this post with your networks. 

11 Sep 2020

Time to Bridge the Gap

Inclusion is at the core of everything we teach and do. Society can only flourish if there are equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their gender, age, ethnic background and developmental differences. Thanks to legislative changes, better autism education training and more information about autism, the world is becoming a more inclusive place for people on the autism spectrum.

But what happens when parents and professionals have to overcome additional difficulties while fighting for inclusion and acceptance for an autistic child or young person? In this blog post, our guest blogger, Corinne Coote, from Drumbeat Outreach, Lewisham, London, uses her own experiences to highlight the unique challenges of families of autistic children and young people from Black, Asian and Minority Backgrounds. Please share this post with your networks.

27 Aug 2020

How to Increase Autism Awareness in your Educational Setting

Our guest blogger, Kerry Preece, is a Specialist Teacher at the Communication and Autism Team in Birmingham. She writes about the importance of increasing Autism Awareness in your educational setting and provides pertinent information and actions you can take to become more autism aware.

17 Aug 2020

Supporting Autistic Pupils with Transition to Secondary School…Remotely

Transition from primary to secondary school is one of the most challenging times for an autistic child, even under normal circumstances. But these are extraordinary circumstances and the pressure on children starting secondary school this September is extraordinary, too. They need appropriate support more than ever. We encourage all education professionals and parents to read the below blog post by Charlotte Richardson, Assistant Psychologist at Wandsworth Autism Advisory Service (WAAS), as it offers invaluable advice and ideas based on her experiences launching WAAS remote transition support service. Please share this article with your network.

09 Aug 2020

Communication Tips – To Support Children and Young People’s Raised Anxiety

As the debate about schools re-opening rages on and parents start preparing for an unprecedented September, many families will yet again experience raising tensions and anxiety levels. Some might find it difficult to adequately support their children’s mental health when they are experiencing anxiety themselves. Paul Lamanna, Professional Lead for Communication and Interaction at Babcock LDP in Exeter, shared with us an excellent resource compiling ideas and tips about dealing with anxiety and supporting others experiencing anxiety.


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