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17 Nov 2020

The Impact Autism Can Have on the Ability to Learn

We are incredibly proud to present you with our very first vlog episode, created by our young autistic experts, the AET Young Persons Panel. Find out what autism and education mean to Ollie, Sam, Bella, Georgia and Jacob, and how it affected them when their learning support assistant was not in. A huge thank you to these courageous young people! Please share this video with your networks.

30 Oct 2020

“I See Dead People”

We are celebrating Halloween with an excellent blog post about autism and literal thinking. Thank you to our guest blogger, Sonia Gannon, Lead Teacher at Drumbeat Outreach in Lewisham, London.

Happy Halloween from the AET Team!

08 Oct 2020

The Progress Tracking Tool All Education Practitioners Need

“If you work with children or young people with SEND, you’re likely to agree that their progress may not be demonstrated effectively using National Curriculum assessments.  We’re often seeking a way of measuring progress in other areas so that we can acknowledge, celebrate and identify outcomes and target provision.  I’ve been looking into how this can be achieved successfully without increasing the workload and pressure we are all experiencing in education.  Fortunately for us, the Autism Education Trust has developed the Progression Framework.”

24 Sep 2020

How to Increase Autism Awareness Amongst Diverse Ethnic Communities

Our last post about the unique challenges of families of autistic children and young people from Black, Asian and Minority Background proved very popular. In this blog post, we continue to talk about this very important topic from a different angle. Our guest blogger, Catherine Mohan from Birmingham County Council Autism Communication and Autism Team, shares her experience about the exemplary work her team is doing raising awareness of autism in ethnic communities. Please share this post with your networks. 


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