Back-to-School and Covid-19 Information Centre

We are here to help you support autistic children and young people during the Covid-19 pandemic and transition back to school.

You can find below our latest Tools for Teachers Covid-19 edition booklet and a wealth of support materials from our partners across England including two detailed case studies with practical planning tools, impact assessment and sensory profiles. 

All of our Covid-19 content is free to access and download. Our popular Tools for Teachers resource normally cost £43.19 but, in response to the circumstances, we have created a complementary collection of 6 tools that we think you will find most helpful in the current situation.

Transition Back to School

6 video presentations and additional resources to help you support pupils returning to educational settings after the Covid-19 pandemic.



Learning from the Covid-19 Pandemic

Improve engaged learning for autistic pupils – with two detailed case studies, planning tools and impact assessment.



The A Blog

Prominent autism education specialists share their thoughts and experiences about current topics, including the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Tools for Teachers Covid-19 Edition

Six essential tools for teachers supporting autistic children and young people through homeschooling and transition back to school.


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Covid-19 Schools Re-opening Guidance

Information and guidance about the latest changes to SEND legislation.


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Coronavirus Information Hub

Advice and information for parents and people on the autism spectrum from our partner, The National Autistic Society.



Activity and routine planners

Interactive daily and weekly planners created by our partner, Ambitious about Autism.


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Good Autism Practice Guidance

These three linked resources present the evidence for, and define and illustrate, eight principles of good autism practice to help education practitioners understand autism.


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Coronavirus and helping autistic children

Advice from Dr. Carla Stavrou, Senior Education Psychologist, and her team at Cambridgeshire County Council.


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Covid-19 Legislative Changes

Use these links to access the latest Covid19 guidance from the Department for Education.


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Tools for Teachers

A practical resource designed to support teachers to work effectively with pupils on the autism spectrum.



Managing anxiety and isolation

Tips for families and young people on managing anxiety and isolation, created by the AET Young Persons Panel.


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