AET exam accommodations


In 2017-18, the AET was commissioned by the Department for Education to develop a project to improve the accessibility of GCSE Maths and English for pupils with autism taking public exams in response to concerns about fair access.

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AET exam accommodations guidance to support students with autism at GCSE

Pupils with autism face particular issues which can make taking and demonstrating their knowledge in exams especially difficult. There are specific changes which schools can make to reflect their student’s normal way of working and give additional recognition of those difficulties in exams. The AET produced this guide to help teachers and examination officers plan for and support pupils with autism when taking public examinations in England and Wales. The guide explains why exams are an issue, lists access arrangements, explains how to apply for them, and describes the implications for the school in terms of accomodation and staffing. It includes a summary checklist of the key steps to enable an autistic student to do their best before, during and after the exam.


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